At Little Friends, activity structured and unstructured is centered on children and their play. By play, we mean their sensory exploration, interaction, imitation, and invention in response to others, and to ideas and materials. We perceive play as the work of the young child, i.e., the means through which they gain understanding of themselves, each other and the world around them, and by which they learn and develop.

Our classes are age specific and are designed to enhance the development of the child. We currently offer the following classes:

SPROUTS (2/3 year olds). Your child MUST turn 2 by May 31st in order to be eligible to attend this class in the fall. Our Sprouts class meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. We typically enroll 10 – 12 children in this class group and we have two teachers. This allows us a wonderful student/teacher ratio and gives your child a chance to explore and develop in a very secure environment. The Sprouts class is a fantastic way to introduce your child to the Preschool environment. Our Sprouts are darling – every day at school they have a chance to play, sing, participate in an art project and read books with their teachers. Tuition = $400.00 per month.

MORNING GLORIES (3/4 year olds). This class meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9:00am – 1:00pm. Our curriculum is theme based and is designed to help your child develop a true love for learning! We have a “small group time” every day – during this time we practice a specific skill and incorporate it into the rest of our daily curriculum. Our student / teacher ratio in this class is typically 7:1. Our Morning Glories are a very energetic and fun group – they love to socialize and use their imaginations so every day is a new adventure! Tuition = $500.00 per month.

PRE-K (4/5 year olds). This class meets Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 1:00pm. Our curriculum for this class is also theme based and we emphasize skills that we be essential in Kindergarten readiness. Some specific skills that we focus on are: letter & number recognition, counting, patterning, printing and both fine and gross motor development. We also find plenty of time for play each day! Many children in our Pre-K program have been with us since they were in the Sprouts class, so their relationships with each other and their teachers are very close by the time they “graduate”! Tuition = $600.00 per month.

ENRICHMENT CLASSES: We offer many opportunities for your child to attend “enrichment classes” throughout the school year. These enrichment classes are held after the morning classes are dismissed and typically run from 1:00-3:30. Please stay tuned in to our “events calendar” on our home page for more information!