Glaciers: a scientific approach to "G Week".

Every month, each family will receive a calendar with our weekly themes listed on it. We realize that often these themes seem random and unusual. However, there is a method to our madness! The teachers attend an annual curriculum meeting in order to collaborate in the most effective manner. We use a concept called “Understanding by Design”, or “backwards curriculum”. The concept is based upon the idea that we must first determine what the students should learn, then design the themes and lesson plans around those academic goals. For example, you may wonder what your student would learn during “Mascot Week”. During this week, we learned about geography, animals and their habitats, rhyming (by creating chants in small groups), and letter recognition. We also learned about teamwork! It was also a great chance for students to share their families’ favorite teams with the rest of the class. If you are ever puzzled by a theme, feel free to ask! We love to explain our choices and the philosophies behind them. The L.F.P.S. teachers have a passion for teaching and ┬álearning!