LFPS Delivers!

At L.F.P.S., we believe even the youngest members of society can make a difference. That is why we provide opportunities throughout the year to teach the students about helping, particularly those less fortunate. Each year, the holiday season holds two particularly important events for lessons on giving:

The GIVING TREE is a tradition we have had at L.F.P.S. for several years. Tags are displayed with the names of children in need, plus desired gifts for each child. Parents and students are invited to take the tags and fulfill the wishes listed on the tags. The students love helping to select and wrap the gifts and get a true sense of pride from helping less fortunate children.  Every one was so very generous this year, and we applaud your kindness. You are setting a great example for all of our students, and we thank you!

Another important event is the Pre-K class visit to the QUEEN ANNE HELPLINE. Each Pre-K student donated toothbrushes, socks, or mittens to less fortunate children of similar ages. The entire class walks to the helpline (singing holiday carols all the way) with donations in hand. Upon arrival, the students help stuff stockings, and then perform a few holiday songs for the staff. This year’s experience was particularly wonderful, as the children showed a great deal of sensitivity regarding the less fortunate. We were so proud of the Pre-K; they were extremely polite, enthusiastic and cheerful, despite the “trek” from school to the Helpline!